Accessories are perhaps the most personal part of special-occasion formal looks – including most brides & bridal parties’ wedding ensembles. That’s why the choice to seek heirloom-quality accents from an independent design studio is such a rewarding one!

But sometimes high-quality craftsmanship and top-of-the-line materials still don’t quite meet your vision, and that’s where bespoke comes in.

Bespoke or custom bridal pieces at La Belle/ La Belle The Label range from simple requests like a custom colour palette, to the start-to-finish design of a completely unique accessory. We can make alterations to any of these points:

 · Color and materials of fine pearl, crystal, and gemstone detailing;

· Accessory size and shape perfect for your body and facial structure;

· Findings and attachment methods (like combs vs. hairpins) that suit your preferences;

· Length and fullness of veils and dressing gowns;

. Weight and colour of fabric;

· Entirely new designs that complete your wedding’s theme or aesthetic.


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