An Unplugged Wedding: Why ditching technology during the “I do’s” and after is all the buzz.

Ever wondered what it might be like to ditch your iPhone or Android camera for just one moment? That’s right, breathe – no posting happy snaps to Instagram, typing excited tweets, or writing regular status updates.

With the art of being present all the rage right now, no wonder unplugged weddings are the flavour of the month. Imagine your big day without the distraction of a cell phone. Sounds like bliss right? Or maybe not?

Unplugged weddings offer an opportunity for bride, groom, and congregation to truly connect with the heart and the soul. Without the hassle of text messages, camera filters, social media platforms and incessant ringing, everyone can unwind, converse and relax.

Alongside this, guests with devices can get in the way of your professional photographer and you’ll be devastated when they deliver photos full of people standing around with phones. The team at La Belle have glimpsed many photos on social media where parents of the bride, parents of the groom and other guest’s faces were blocked with either an iPad or iPhone, leaving the photographer unable to capture the most beautiful and candid of moments.

How to word your unplugged wedding?

Credit: Popcorn Photography

But how do a bride and groom who want everyone to enjoy the moment, tell their guests to put the phones and tablets away? Especially when loved ones want to take personal snaps for their own online photo albums?


1) A great way to navigate this is to make mention of your no-phone policy during the invitation stage. That means your guests have plenty of time to come to terms with your big-day media and technology ban and can whinge and then get over it! You can write something quirky and fun in the invite too, so not to make anyone feel sore. Planning well in advance means there are no big day surprises and everyone can simply enjoy themselves.

2) If addressing your request in the wedding invite isn’t really your style, how about setting up fun signs at the wedding venue entrance so your guests know to switch off their device?

3) Another great idea is to hire security (or assign a couple of very good friends or family members to help) for the day who will “check-in” phones and store them safely in a glamorous and secure cloakroom. You can decorate the booth or room to match your venue – this way it looks extra official!

4) Give guests an incentive to unplug on the big day. Make sure your official photographer delivers a selection of easily-accessible online shots so the congregation can download and share.

5) You can also ask the wedding officiant to announce your device free demands at the beginning of the ceremony. No one is going to start an argument before the bride walks down the aisle!

6) Forward little mail-outs after the wedding invites have been accepted and everyone has RSVP’d. A cute “no camera’s please” card with a humorous or flattering message can work wonders on even the most technology-loving family and friends.

7) A too-cute way to send the no-phones message is to have your flower girls or bridesmaids walk down the aisle holding pretty signs. They’ll be sure to grab the attention of the guests before the wedding gets underway.

Do you have any other great ideas to get your wedding guests to stop snapping, texting and posting and focus on the day itself? Post your comments in the box below and contribute to our brainstorm.


Get 8 Amazing Wedding Hair Trial Tips and Tricks from Professionals!

On your wedding day, it’s your time to shine. You want to look and feel more beautiful than you ever have in your life. You also want to make sure that your look represents your signature style and the aesthetic of your wedding. With that said, we bring you 8 top tips from bridal stylists and salon professionals to ensure you ace a successful hair trial in the run up to your wedding. Let’s get to it!

Elegant bridal updo with hair jewels by La Belle

How to get the Best Result from your Bridal Hair Trial

1. Choose your hair inspiration wisely. Talk to your stylist in advance about the specific look you’re trying to achieve. If you are unsure about the do you want, flip through inspirational wedding blogs and glossy bridal magazines.

2. Prepare your hair. Book salon appointments for hair treatments before your trial to make sure you’re putting on your best display. If you don’t have time to see a stylist, make sure you have clean and dry hair on the day of the trial. Also, if you plan to cut or colour your hair, ensure you leave plenty of time before your wedding to chop or dye your tresses. You don’t want to be surprised with accidental highlights, a too-short bob cut or a bleach job gone horribly wrong! Your stylist will be able to achieve your perfect look if they’re starting with amazing hair!

If you have engagement photoshoot, try to organise the hair trial on the very same day so that you can make use of your hair trial and have plenty of photos to look at!

3. Bring your hair accessories: This includes tiaras, bridal headpieces, wedding veils, hair extensions and padding (if needed). Keep in mind that your stylist will charge you separately if they have to use their own padding or hair extensions.

This is the perfect time for you and your stylist to decide the best position to place your headpiece and veil. Communicate openly with them so that you are happy with the final result. This is also a great opportunity for your stylist to pre-tame your hair accessories to ensure they will stay in place securely at your wedding, all day long.

4. Wear a button up shirt: If you can’t get your shirt off without flattening your hair, find one that is loose-fitting and easy to remove. A plain button-up will be fine for the hair trial, but you’ll probably want something prettier for your wedding day.

One of La Belle’s beautiful bridal lace robes will cast an impressive and romantic image for your “getting ready” shots. Slip on, secure and lounge around in luxury.

5. Be open about what you want: If you can’t bring your dress direct to the stylist, then high resolution photographs will do. This way, the stylist can better understand your wedding day aesthetic and can advise you about hairdos accordingly.

6. Allow enough time for trial: Make sure that everyone is working with the same schedule for your trial. If hair and make-up are being done at different places, you need to account for travel time in between. Each member of your bridal party should get their own appointment card; this will mean less stress for you, your bridal party and your stylists.

Elegant wedding hair style with a headpiece and veil by La Belle

Bridal updo with subtle elegant headpiece

The Ultimate Wedding Hair Don’t List

1. Don’t be too attached to only one hair style. Of course, this is YOUR big day, but keep an open mind and be willing to listen to any suggestions your stylist may have. He or she is a career professional and might have ideas you hadn’t thought of yet that will suit your style and facial features!

2. Don’t “fix” your hair. You should wash it and apply some styling products such as mousse or light wax so it’s easier for the stylist to work with, but no more than that. You’ll achieve better results starting with your natural hair part, texture etc.

Get 8 amazing tips and advice for your wedding hair trial from La Belle

Wedding Planning Timeline

The area where you live and who you’re planning to book will determine how much notice you need to schedule your stylist. When scheduling your hair trial, keep in mind that you’re probably going to want to try more than one style. Your trial should occur approximately 12 weeks before the wedding to give you enough time to make any adjustments or even to find a new stylist if you’re not happy with the end result. The one thing that every bride-to-be must do is speak up! If you don’t like your look, don’t be afraid to say so. Also keep in mind that there are some things that your hair just absolutely will not do. Hair stylists are awesome, but they’re not magicians. Don’t expect the impossible!

What’s your hair trial story? Do you have any tips and tricks to share? We’d love to hear about it. Let us in on all the juicy details in the comments box below.

Tips and advice for wedding hair trial


Featured by Trendy Bride // Photography: Rachel May // Venue: Agecroft Hall // Styling: Linda Ha Events // Florals: Whimsical Floral Design// Hair: Brianna B Adams // Makeup: Anna Breeding // Model: Flavia Polles // Gown: Watters //Hair Accessories & Veil: Labelle the Label // Custom Painted Backdrop: Christine Olmstead // Cake: Catherine George Cakes // Rings: Susie Saltzman // Paper & Calligraphy: Paula Lee Calligraphy



Our Beautiful New Look

We’ve recently been collaborating with a team of Sydney wedding vendors to add a bit of a twist on the traditional Chinese wedding tea ceremony. The resulting shoot has been featured on Wedding Sparrow.
Our featured pieces are the embodiment of serenity and tranquility. The gorgeously flowing silk robe evokes feelings of gentleness and peace. Subtle colors in the rose gold hair comb highlight the intricate petals and pearl arrangement. Simple and elegant, this is a perfect look for any wedding.  

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremonies

Chinese culture has consistently been known for focusing on family, respect, and honor. Chinese tea ceremonies encompass those ideas, while formally acknowledging the joining of the two families. Tea ceremonies have been a staple of Chinese weddings for over 1,000 years!  While the first ceremonies tended to involve one ceremony for the bride’s family and another for the groom’s family, more modern weddings usually have only one tea ceremony arranged for both sides.  

Modern Chinese Wedding tea ceremony for young generation by La Belle the Label

Modern Custom on Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

After vows are exchanged, the young couple will serve tea to their families. Tea is symbolic of stability, fertility, and purity. This translates to the tea being seen as a metaphor for a faithful and pure love, resulting in a union that will produce many healthy children.

In a wedding tea ceremony, the tea is served by the bride and groom in a traditional gaiwan. This is a cup and saucer with a lid, commonly red or with a red design. The couple first serves their parents while bowing or kneeling as a way of showing gratitude and respect. The rest of the families are then served while being properly introduced.  

Traditional tea ceremonies are still an incredibly significant part of Chinese weddings. The most important reason is the honor it shows to the elders in the family. Parents (and often grandparents) are recognized for the love they have shown their children and the sacrifices that were made during their upbringing.  

Asian bride in Sydney wear rose gold bridal hair piece and Acasia silk chiffon robe on her wedding day by La Belle

Overseas Asian bride reads the handwritten love letter from her husband before the chinese tea ceremony. A beautiful wedding tradition to keep

Modern chinese wedding tea ceremony for modern couple living in overseas, by La Belle the Label

Keeping the Tradition Alive

The celebration of family, new love, and unity during the Chinese wedding tea ceremony is one that has yet to be matched in any other culture. It is performed with dignity and precision, a far cry from our typical day-to-day cup of tea. The beautiful tradition of respectfully serving tea as a means of showing appreciation is to be cherished. 

Chinese wedding tea ceremony- a modern take on wedding culture by La Belle


Photography: We Are Origami Photography | Film Lab: Find Lab | Stylist / Planner: Sandra Chau | Floral Designer: Trille Floral | Dress Designer: La Belle | Rentals: Sandra Chau | Silk robe & hair accessories: La Belle | Hair & Makeup Artist: Amy Chan | Calligraphy: Teresa Ling | Table runner: Frou Frou Chic | Ribbons: Songbird Silk


Traditional Ceremony or Elopement: Which is Right for You?

We’ve seen it in romcoms many times. The harried bride-to-be, frantically trying to finish up a seating chart for 300 people, keeping in mind that you can’t put crazy Aunt Clara anywhere near Uncle Douglas and your cousin Staci is coming solo but she’ll literally kill you if you put her at a “singles table” and your best friend is mad at you because your mom made you ask your sister to be your maid of honor and the napkins don’t quite match the plates and what do hydrangeas even look like and…sheer panic.

“We should just elope!”

That doesn’t happen in real life though, right?  Real couples don’t just decide to go to Vegas and get married by an Elvis impersonator in a drive-thru chapel, do they?  Yes, they certainly do!

Lots of little girls (and some boys!) dream of the perfect wedding. By the age of 10, they essentially know what type of dress they want, what kind of flowers and whether it will be at a church or on the beach at sunrise. An elopement would mean giving up those dreams…or does it?

Breathtakingly Beautiful + Romantic Santorini Elopement

Photography: Anna Roussos // via Style me Pretty

Why a Traditional Wedding is the Best Thing Ever

For many couples, the traditional wedding is the only viable option. Family and friends often play a big role in pushing (overtly or subtly) for that beautiful white wedding.

A chapel decked out in Forget-Me-Nots and Lillies fills up promptly with hundreds of guests. Adorable twins march to the front of the church, the ring bearer proudly holding his pillow and the flower girl carefully dropping petals as she goes. Four beaming bridesmaids strut down the aisle in gorgeous matching gowns. Friends and family rise in anticipation with the first few chords of The Wedding March and a collective “aahhhhhhh” sighs through the room as the bride steps into view. The groom’s face lights up while watching his beloved walk toward him. Her father kisses her cheek and steps away before his tears overflow. Perfect music, eloquent vows, and the promise of a lifetime of bliss make this the ideal ceremony.

After a brief interlude consisting of thousands of pictures being taken, it’s party time! An elegant meal, open bar and the perfect mix of mainstream pop and golden oldies set the tone for an evening to remember. Everyone leaves with the thought in their mind that they were just in the presence of true love. This is obviously the only way to get married.

Unless it Absolutely Isn’t

On the other hand, there is the ever-growing population of couples who just don’t want to do it that way. The connotation of elopement is vastly different now than it was years ago. It’s no longer always, or even usually, a matter of wanting to get married secretly so no one (ie, parents) can stop the couple.

The old-fashioned idea of elopement tends to be that of a couple sneaking off in the middle of the night or running to the courthouse. The notion is that it lacks romance and is something a couple will later regret. What a lot of people don’t know is that an elopement can be planned and there can be guests invited as well!

Opting out of the traditional wedding no longer means that your union will be devoid of personality or that the couple will not have the support of their family and friends. You can elope to Hawaii or invite your parents to a meeting with an officiant in a park. There is no reason why you can’t wear the most beautiful floor length gown to the courthouse or jean shorts to the cathedral.

There are just as many reasons people choose to elope as there are for deciding to go the conventional route.  Anxiety at the thought of being the center of attention is a very common reason couples decide to run away and marry in secret. The cost of a traditional wedding plays a large part in the decision for many people. There’s also the excitement factor in doing something unconventional, especially pertaining to such an important part of your life.

Find out why you need to have elopement than a traditional wedding.

Photography – Jo Donaldson Photography

Destination wedding in Palm Springs by Jose Villa, curated by La Belle The Label

Photography by Jose Villa

Which is Right for You?

Like most things, deciding on a church wedding or a spur of the moment bungee jumping marriage ceremony is a personal decision. If you’re terrified that you’ll have a wardrobe malfunction in front of everyone you know, you may not want a huge wedding. If you’ve dreamed for years of flipping back a long, pearled veil at the altar to kiss your husband for the very first time, the courthouse might not be the best choice. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you and your partner are both happy with the verdict. You don’t want your first married fight to be about how/where/when you got married!

How to announce your elopement to your loved ones? Nothing fancy just love

Elopement announcement card: Love at every sight on etsy

Do you have a dream wedding planned in your head or does the thought drench you in a cold sweat? Have you ever been at a dream wedding that turned into a nightmare? Have you or any of your friends chosen to elope? I’d love to hear your stories!



Rose gold: who can resist it? Here at La Belle we simply love, love, love it! A gorgeous twist on traditional yellow rose gold is imbued with the warmest, pink-tinged tones. What better a metal and colour to incorporate into your wedding? Let us tell you why it’s so special.

First fashionable in Russia throughout the 19th century, rose gold was later used in jewellery in the ornate Victorian era. In the Roaring 20’s, iconic jeweller Cartier won a legion of fans by integrating this precious metal into his pieces. Women valued it for its beautiful glimmer and warmer, romantic appeal.

Today, this copper-infused alloy is a must for weddings and engagements — think rings and bands and hair accessories; there are so many ways to utilise it!

Here are our top ten tricks for bringing a little rose gold fever to your big day. It’s the metallic you’ve always dreamed about but never knew how to incorporate!

1) Wedding Rings:

Rose gold wedding rings are a beautiful twist on their traditional yellow counterparts. Complimentary to any skin tone, invest in a pair of gorgeous bands.

Tiffany I love you wedding band

Image & ring by Tiffany &Co

2) Wedding Dress:

From extravagant, Cinderella-style gowns embellished with the frothiest pink tulle to sparkling fitted numbers reminiscent of Old Hollywood movies, a rose gold wedding dress is a magic alternative to classic ivory and white. A bride never looks drained in this sophisticated colour. We dare you to try it!

Rose gold dipped wedding gown by Truvelle

Wedding gown designer: Truvelle

3) Hair Accessories:

Rose gold hair accessories are an incredible way to glam up in style. Offering a bohemian and vintage aesthetic, select from tiaras, crowns, and slides. La Belle’s very own rose gold hair adornments have featured at a plethora of weddings and in glossy magazine photo shoots. Fall in love with our Camelia Rose Gold Crown with its delicate blooms and handcrafted leaves, or swoon over our Aubree Comb with its subtle rose gold beading.

Contemporary bridal headpiece in rose gold colour

Shop our Camelia Rose Gold hair vine // Photo by Jon Cu

Rose Gold wedding hair piece

Shop our Clementine Rose Gold bridal hair vine // Photo by: Jon Cu

4) Wedding Invites:

From the envelopes themselves to the typographical lettering, rose gold can be utilised in a number of clever ways in the lead up to your wedding. Located a print shop that can produce high quality metallic inks, or scour the internet for the most precious rose gold stationery, wax stamps and ribbons.

blush and rose gold Bachelorette invitations

Stationery designer: Paige Tuzee

5) Wedding Cake:

Whether you desire a six-tiered frosted extravaganza or a collection of heavenly cupcakes, nothing looks more divine than a wedding cake with rose gold touches. Alternative tiers of ivory and rose gold look incredible when stacked. Have your cake designer make rose gold flowers and ribbon flourishes to decorate the layers.

brushed with rugged copper rose gold wedding cake

Photography: Debbie Lourens // Cake: La Petite Patisserie

6) Table Settings

If you want to keep yourself in white and your cake to match your dress, why not incorporate rose gold into the reception table setting — think candles, glasses, and trinkets.

7) Bouquet

The perfect hue to include in your bouquet, touches of rose gold can be added with either natural flowers or blooms that have been professionally sprayed. Mix pink tinged peonies and roses with elegant calla lilies before finishing with a rose gold ribbon that shimmers iridescently.

8) Jewellery

Rose gold earrings and necklaces look incredible when teamed with swept pack hair or a sleek and shiny down do. A fusion of princes’s perfection and old-world elegance, rose gold jewellery offers a timeless bridal look.

9) Bridesmaids

Dresses Wanting to jazz up your wedding day with something a little out of the ordinary, whilst still keeping things super classy? Rose gold coloured bridesmaid dresses are an amazing way to do this. From sassy sequins to ethereal chiffon, this elegant and feminine colour looks complimentary on everyone!

10) Makeup

Forget deep earthen hues and get fresh! Rose gold makeup offers every bride the opportunity to sparkle and impress. From glimmering eyeshadows that shine under sunlight to understated lipsticks that keep things natural, highlight your face with a warm summer palate and ditch the heavy pancake layers.

Bronzed skin and coral lips make up ideas for brides

Makeup by: The Viva Luxury

Got any other fab rose gold ideas you’d like to share with our readers? We’d love to hear how you incorporated this amazing hue into your own wedding, or alternatively how you will!


The Importance of Branding Your Business Beautifully

My power-words for 2016 were “ACT” and “FOCUS”. It was hard to pick a single word, so I was naughty and chose two. I think this duo pretty much encapsulates my business journey over the past year as I’ve grown and expanded La Belle to the beast it is now!

Working day-to-day in the most beautiful industry, around the most glamorous fabrics and findings, it has sometimes been hard for me to stay focused when there’s inspiration literally dripping from everything! I always said there were a million things I could do or sell but I choose to stay true to designing and crafting bridal accessories. This focus has rewarded me with interest and connections from all over the globe, and for this I am thankful.

I also acted on instinct over the past year, rebranding La Belle and cultivating the business. It’s been a most rewarding 12 months, so I want to thank all my lovely readers and customers for everything.

For quite some time, many moons ago, La Belle looked very different than it does now. Today, I want to explore with you the importance of getting your brand aesthetic just right, whether you’re a successful entrepreneur, a newly seeded startup, or a small boutique owner.

Branding is such a crucial aspect of your business. It communicates to your client base who you are, what you stand for, what you love, the experience someone will have with your product or service, and a ton of other truly important elements.

Before the latest incarnation of La Belle, I felt as if my branding didn’t speak on my behalf. Sure, it was nice, but I knew I hankered for something else. For a little while, I was hesitant to take the leap and when I did, the changes I sought were not met by designers with a similar vision. I hired 6 creatives to redevelop my website and went through several logo transformations!

That all changed when I partnered with two ingenious and talented designers. I guess sometimes you have to make a few missteps along the way to find the right people!

Website designer Blush Creative and brand stylist Fifth Avenue saved the day with their innovative and stunning visual work. My logo, website and merchandise photography went from satisfactory and pleasing to simply sublime!

Using a colour palette featuring the prettiest pastels paired with metallic gold, classic ebony and slate grey, we were able to communicate a sophisticated and feminine look that would truly last the ages.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BRANDING YOUR BUSINESS BEAUTIFULLY, and I have the words for 2017: Rooted and Intentional by La Belle/ La Belle the label

During our collaborations we explored mood boards filled with incredible imagery — think dreamy cushions, beautiful brides, Italian marbling, art deco inspired geometry, clean surfaces, and gold on white patterning. Typographical font was kept simple, allowing my wedding veils and bridal hair adornments to take centre stage and shine, whilst a fresh new website allowed clients to easily navigate the menu, browse products and buy.

These two incredible companies took the La Belle vision and brought them to life. I honestly own them a million glasses of top-shelf pink champagne for getting it right!

On a final note, as we look forward to what 2017 has in store for us, I have chosen two new words for the La Belle journey this year: ROOTED and INTENTIONAL. I want every area of my life and business to be rooted in truth and creativity, and intentional in the way I conduct every aspect of my business.

Have you experienced your own branding mishap, or are you in the process of a major revamp or business launch? Let us in on all your juicy gossip by commenting in the box below. I’m also curious to find out what your power-words are for 2017. Have some fun thinking of them, then drop me a line and tell me…


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