The wedding industry flourishes yearly, overwhelming brides-to-be with selections of veils, tiaras, and other gorgeous hair adornments. Just browsing through a favourite bridal magazine or blog can leave one feeling totally inspired, if not a little overwhelmed! La Belle makes shopping your big day a cinch with a glamourous and romantic selection of vintage inspired wedding veils, exclusively deigned, hand cut, and handmade in our studio.

Bequeathed names that match their fairytale vibe and boasting the most beautiful aesthetics (think full length cathedral or chic and short birdcage), our collection of bohemian bridal veils hark back to an older world where delicate detailing and divine drapery was the look du jour! We’re you one stop solution shop.

At La Belle all things boho bloom to life. LET’S TAKE A LOOK:


1) Grab your girlfriends and swoon over our Isabella Mantilla Bridal Veil, fashioned in a perfect circle from feather soft tulle and scallop-edged lace.

knee length Mantilla wedding veil

Photo by: Jon Cu

2) Fall in love with the Ariel Veil, with its alluring drape that fastens at the back and tumbles gracefully to the floor.

Boho wedding veil by La Belle

Photo by: Jon Cu

3) The versatile Estelle Veil is ideal for brides who hanker after a retro wedding aesthetic. 80 sublime inches of ivory silk tulle finished with scallop edged French Chantilly lace. Simple secure with a hair pin.

10 swoon worthy wedding veil you need to see for your wedding day

Photo by: Jon Cu

4) Indulge in the Eleanor Two Tier Blush Veil with it’s stately appearance, multiple styles, and super fine Italian illusion fabric that catches the light.

Bridal lace veil

Photo by: Jon Cu

5) Adore the Love Me Blossom Bridal Veil – an ultra-feminine, hand gathered veil that melds tradition and spontaneity with its cathedral design and scattering of silk flowers.

custom wedding veil Australia

Photo by: Jon Cu

6) Looking for a minimalist classic? The Allure Veil is 108 inches of pure cathedral silk tulle, single tiered, ever so elegant, and finished with a gold or silver hair comb.

Swoonth worth bridal veil

Photo by: Jon Cu

7) For translucent, mythical beauty, treat yourself to the most ethereal of bridal accessories with our Jacaranda Bridal Veil, crafted from the finest French Chantilly lace and imported English tulle.

circle bridal veil

Photo by: Jon Cu

8) Swathe yourself in florals with our Cherilyn Circle Wedding Veil (the perfect alternative to the fascinator) which boasts statement bloom detailing and contrasts against the tresses.

Australian wedding veil

Photo by: Jon Cu

9) Marvel at the Old Hollywood stylings of our Moselle Juliette Cap Veil that offsets glossy tresses with dainty lace flowers before cascading down in a display of ethereal English tulle.


Photo by: Jenny Sun

10) Seeking full-on yesteryear glamour? Why not indulge in our Dior Cathedral veil, the ultimate multiple-layer bridal accessory for your moment at the altar.

bridal veil with blusher

Photo by: Jenny Sun

All of our veils can be paired with any style of wedding gown – short and sexy, beautifully boho, clean and contemporary – and are the crowning glory of any wedding day look. Now it’s your turn to select your favourite. Which one do you love?




A wedding veil is a bride’s crowning glory, transforming glossy locks, complementing your dress, and lending an air of big day elegance. Here at studio La Belle, we love receiving precious little notes from blissed-out clients, stating how happy they were with their bridal veil, hair comb, crown, and other gorgeous adornments.

We design and handcraft a sublime range of wedding veils (bohemian wedding veils, classic wedding veils, modern wedding veils, and custom wedding veils). But what hairstyle should a bride-to-be pick to harmonise with her chosen veil?

Stress no further! La Belle are here to brainstorm with you, offering up beautiful bridal hairstyle ideas and wedding hair inspiration.


Marry a gorgeous floral or shimmering crystal crown with an array of loose curls or a braided hairdo. Slip your bridal veil seamlessly underneath for a truly bohemian look:

Bohemian bridal hair down with a veil by Grace loves lace

Image via Grace Loves lace // Photography by Lindsay Vann Photography

crystal hair vine by La Belle

Crystal halo & veil: La Belle– Photo by: We Are Origami Photography

Alternatively, wear the veil with a flower strewn fascinator, or pair with a half wreath of flowers for a romantic explosion of colour:

flower crown and wedding veil

(Credits: Left: Ned Jackson Photography– Right: Paula O’hara Photography)

A mantilla veil balances long and lustrous tresses. Drape scalloped lace around the face for a traditional, classic look:

bride in mantilla veil

(Credits: Left: Photo by Eric Mcvey Photography; Right: Photo by: Beaux Arts Photographie)


With so many updos on offer, every bride is spoiled for choice. Choose a loose chignon, a fine French twist, or a sexy, messy bun. There are over the top beehives, sleek side-parted ponytails, and complicated knots. Decorate with silk flowers, ornate hair pins, and crystal studded adornments. A bridal veil completes the look, making any updo super gorgeous:

elegant updo hairstyle with veil

(Credit: Veil by La Belle , Hair by: Melissa Cauchi Hairdressing, Photo by Jenny Sun Photography)

With a bridal updo hairstyle, you can wear the veil at the back or secured underneath like this:

updo bridal hairstyle with veils

(Credit: Left: Untamed Heart Photography via Style Me Pretty– Right: Pinterest)

Alternatively, a lace-edged mantilla veil conjures a stunning, ethereal look:

gorgeous updo hairstyle and mantilla veil

(Credit: Left: Valentina Glidden Photography, Right: via Colin Cowie Wedding)

Decorate braids with a floral crown or a delicate crystal hair vine for the ultimate boho vibe:

braid updo with veil and floral crown(Credits: Photo by: Youri Claessens via Style Me Pretty)

Or pair with a beaded lace comb for an archetypal romantic look:

Simple braided updo

(Photo by Judy Park Photography)

An intricate tucked-braid updo captures attention with a touch of bling and a translucent bridal veil:

tucked French braid updo hairstyle

(Photo by: Tory William Photography)

Whilst a loose and messy updo oozes relaxed, modern glamour:


(Photo by Elisa Bricker Photography)


Nothing looks prettier under a veil than a fusion of polished and easy going. A timeless half-up / halfdown hairdo achieves this ever so easily. A contemporary bouffant lends fullness up top whilst spilling out in relaxed loose curls below. Keep your look chic with a veil at the back, trailing effortlessly down to the floor:

If textural tresses are your thing, then a braided half-up / half-down hairstyle is definitely a do to consider. Finish with a dreamy botanical crown, or bridal veil and floral fascinator:

Half up half down hairstyle with veil

(Photo credits: Erin Hearts Court via Style me Pretty)

– If you’d like a bit of texture,  a braided half up and down hairstyle is beautiful. This style looks great with a floral crown or a flower fascinator on top of a veil:

braided half up half down hairstyle with veil

(Photo by: B. Schwartz Photography via Style Me Pretty)

Fix soft waves into a sophisticated do by sweeping your bangs to the back. Allow lustrous locks to fall around your shoulders. Finish with a minimalist bridal veil:

half up half down hairstyle

(Photo credit: Troy Grover Photography)

A mantilla veil delivers a retro aesthetic, ideal for a half-up / half-down hairstyle. Secure at the back with a beautiful comb for a graceful 1970’s look:

half up half down hairstyle with a mantilla veil

(Photo by: Troy Grover Photography)


A top-knot ballerina bun is ideal for those who want a clean visual of the face. Drape a classic tulle veil over or under your hairdo for a classy and minimalist look

Top- knot bun and veil

(Credit: KT Merry Photography)

Top-knot hairstyle and veil

(Credits: Left: Kate Holstein Photography; Right: KT Merry Photography)


Channel serious glamour with side swept hair, either loose or fastened. Decorate with an elegant barrette, crystal crown, or ornate hair adornment. A veil can be worn in many ways – either draped on top, or secured above or under your do. Ideal for those who swoon over anything vintage, Art Deco, or Old Hollywood:

to the side hairstyle with veil

(Photo credit: Troy Grover Photography)

side bun with a veil

(Photo by: Rachel Havel)


Bangs stylishly frame your face on the big day, lending softness, edge, or illusion. Whether you choose a feathery fringe or a blunt Bettie Page cut, secure your veil with a gorgeous adornment at the back:

bride with a bang

(Credit: Left photo: Troy Grover Photography– Middle & Right photo: Morgan Trinker Photography)

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing our wedding veil and hairstyle inspiration post. Remember to get in touch with our team at La Belle to chat about all things bridal!




You’ve found your perfect bridal dress. You’ve even scored the most incredible vintage jewelry. But you’re totally stuck on choosing a wedding veil and an elegant big day hairstyle! Rest assured, you’re not the only bride-to-be faced with this obstacle. Clients often contact La Belle after weeks of sheer frustration!

Selecting a beautiful dress and glamorous accessories is often the easy part of the process. But matching a bridal veil to your wedding day look can prove a tiresome challenge.

Here at La Belle, we completely understand your confusion. The international wedding market is saturated with every kind of ready-to-buy and custom bridal veil imaginable. Being spoiled for choice is one thing, but losing yourself amidst a sea of veils and bridal hair styles is another. But do not fear, La Belle is here to help guide you through your bewilderment.


1. Bridal Illusion Tulle is the most common of the tulle family and has been used to craft veils since the dawn of time. Made of 100% polyester, measuring up to 108 inches (275cm) wide, this dreamy, classic fabric is suitable for short and long cathedral veils.

2. Silk Tulle fabric or Silk Tulle net is a feather soft fabric that is celebrated for its incredible lightness. This elegant material folds and drapes beautifully and its gauze-like texture is reminiscent of cheesecloth. Silk Tulle wedding veils are ideal when made in short to medium lengths. This is the most expensive bridal tulle fabric around and comes delivered as wide as 53 inches.

3. Alternative Silk Tulle Net (Bridal Illusion Silk Tulle) is a somewhat pricey fabric. Excellent manufacturing methods mean you hardly glimpse a crease or wrinkle. Plus it’s super soft and delicate!

4. French Net (or Russian Net) is a soft mesh-like fabric popular with milliners and bridal veil designers crafting retro birdcage veils. It can measure 9 to 18 inches and its unyielding and structural texture means we often use bobby pins to tame it!

5. Point d’Esprit (also known as Dotted Veil or Polka Dot) is a sublime fabric that is soft, flowing and decorated with tiny spots, ideal for classic bridal veils or ultra-long cathedral styles. Somewhat heavier than illusion tulle, it hangs in gorgeous willowy folds. Recreate a blissful bohemian bridal look by investing in this amazing material.


Veil Material guide

Credit: Veil by: La Belle – Photography by: Jenny Sun Photography


Let’s chat about BRIDAL VEIL COLOURS:

Wedding veils are traditionally available in a vast array of white shades with a splash of colour thrown in for good measure. Think pale champagne, bright sugar white, elegant ivory, blush and delicious vanilla.



To determine the length of your drop veil, simply place the tip of a tape measure on the spot where you’ll secure a comb or pin, before allowing the bridal veil to fall over the front of your face (this will be the length of your blusher). Then, place the tip of the tape measure on the same comb or pin spot, and let the bridal veil fall down to the point you’d like it to reach on your back. Add the blusher length and the back length of your drop veil together. This is the final measurement you can supply your designer or specialist bridal shop retailer. Helpful Hint: Allow a few extra inches (both front and back) if you plan to place the veil over a bridal updo or wedding hairstyle with volume!


Place the tip of a tape measure on the spot where you’ll secure your comb or pin, and let the bridal veil fall where you’d like it to end. Try to measure it against a similar hairstyle which you will wear on your wedding day. Your bridal hairdo (up or down) will affect the length of the veil.

Hints: Please allow a few extra inches in the front and back if you plan to place the veil over the high hair updo.

Caring for your BRIDAL VEIL:

When you receive your beautiful bridal veil you will likely need to steam it to release any creases, kinks or wrinkles. If you don’t have a steamer, you can use your iron on the very lowest setting. Be warned, this poses risk, so do be extra cautious. If you iron your bridal veil at too hot a setting, you can cause irreversible damage. La Belle recommends a more natural way to get rid of any pesky creases. Simply hang your veil away from direct sunlight and bring out on your wedding day.

How to wear your BRIDAL VEIL that La Belle way:

All of La Belle’s handcrafted bridal veils (including drop veils) are attached with a gorgeous metallic comb for easy placement. The teeth of the comb should always point down on the back of your head, before being secured with a duo of bobby pins.

Seeking a swoon-worthy veil for your fabulous forthcoming wedding? Get in touch with La Belle today to place a custom order request. Alternatively, shop our bohemian, classic, and modern bridal veil collection that’s a cut above the rest.

If you require fabric samples because you’re unsure which material will work in conjunction with your dress, reach out to our friendly team who are more than happy to help.

Got any bridal veil secrets of your own? Be sure to let us know. Drop La Belle a line in the comments box, or post some love on social media!





Each week, La Belle receives plenty of questions from excited clients related to their big day. From discussions about favourite photographers to divine wedding cake fillings, the list is truly endless. “What kind of bridal veil should I wear?” is a question that comes up repeatedly. And whilst we can’t decide between chocolate ganache and raspberry mouse sponge (I mean seriously, can you?), we can chat about inspirational wedding hairstyles and beautiful bridal accessories.

To veil or not to veil? That is the question. As a wedding veil designer by trade, I definitely champion the cause. This is the biggest day of your life, so naturally, I say go for it! Photographs look super dreamy with metres of silk tulle dancing in the breeze. Plus, a veil always makes a bride look that much more enchanting and elegant.


1. Before you rush off to buy a bridal veil, decide on a hairstyle first. You’ll avoid any terrible mishaps – like trying to fit a beehive do under a birdcage veil and pillbox hat! If you know what kind of hairstyle you’ll be wearing, then you can select your wedding veil accordingly. Think about volume, colour, cut and other features like braids, ponytails, and bangs.

2. Shopping hair adornments prior to choosing a veil can also help immensely. Don’t purchase accessories at random and expect them to team up seamlessly. A glittering tiara can look over the top when paired with an ostentatious cathedral veil. After all, you’re going for chic and sophisticated, or vintage and bohemian, not trying to emulate a Disney character.

3. When the time comes to find your perfect bridal veil, be sure it complements the fabric of your dress. With white, diamond white, and ivory predominantly on offer in boutiques, it’ sometimes difficult to get the shade just right. Always aim for a hue similar to your gown. Avoid dark tones and don’t pair champagne colored silk with sugar white tulle, for example.

HOW TO CHOOSE A wedding veil

4. Now it’s time to shop your veil. Which one will you choose? From long and lustrous to short and sassy, La Belle is here to guide you.

a) The Birdcage veil (available in 9”, 12” and 18” lengths) is an excellent choice for brides who still want “a veil” without too much fuss. Very vintage and super glam, team with cherry or crimson lips.

b) A Blusher is a short veil that falls gently over the face. Gracefully pull the fabric back when the groom leans in for that memorable alter kiss.

c) If you seek a more conservative look for your wedding day, then a Mid veil is an elegant way to cover up your shoulders and décolletage, without having to resort to an unflattering bolero or shrug.

d) A Fingertip veil falls below the hips and allows guest to peek the stunning back cut of the bride’s dress, through soft translucent fabric. This is one of the most requested wedding veils here at studio La Belle. A romantic and timeless classic.

e) A Semi Waltz or Waltz veil falls to the mid-calf. Often brides wear the veil throughout the reception due to its photo-fabulous look!

f) A Floor-Length veil gently touches the ground and usually matches the length of the wedding dress. This veil is ideal for a bride who has selected a full-skirted gown or a streamlined silhouette.

g) A Chapel-Length veil sweeps across the floor, extending slightly beyond the wedding gown. This grandiose display caters to brides who want to put on a spectacle.

h) For the most elaborate of entrances, a Cathedral or Regal veil is a big day essential. Extending beyond the train of the bride’s gown, this dramatic accessory majestically trails down-the-aisle.

We hope this post helped bring you clarity and inspired your big day look. La Belle designs an inspiring range of custom wedding veils, bohemian wedding veils, classic wedding veil, and modern wedding veils, so do have a browse of our shop.

Got any handy bridal veil tips and tricks that you’d like to share with our readers? Leave a comment in the section box below, or share the love on social media.




Birdcage Veil: How to choose and wear a birdcage veil?

The reason that the birdcage veils are becoming so popular for modern brides and won’t go out of style because it suits all kinds of dresses. They create a very elegant, sophisticated look and works regardless of whether the dress is long or short. Birdcage veils are not just for brides, but can be for bridesmaids, bride’s mother and groom’s mothers as well.

Firstly, I would like to start with a vintage 40/50’s inspired veil: birdcage veils. Birdcage Veil or cage veils are also commonly known as a face veil, cage blusher, or pouf veil. Shortest of all veils. The birdcage cage also comes with different height from 5” (or also called wedge veils or petite birdcage veils) to 18” (full face or sometimes it is called a blusher).

The birdcage veils may be worn on the front of the face, at the side (left or right) or cover the entire head. As far as the length goes, the netting may come down to cover one or both eyes, down to the nose or chin, or even cover the entire face, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

There are few common materials to make birdcage veils: Tulle, French netting (Russian/ English netting), or double layer of tulle and french netting.

The birdcage veil can be worn with or without a fascinator. Here is an inspirational board I create to help you to choose the right look to match your gown, your hairstyle, and your face shape.

You can find the Juliette birdcage veil in my shop here.

If you are after something different, I also offer double layer veil, to create a romantic look on your wedding day.
You can adjust the look by playing around with it and pin down with a couple of bobby pins.

Birdcage veil vintage inspired style
Photo credits: Style Me Pretty

The second type of veil is also very common for vintage modern brides, and it is Bandeau veil (Venetian veil or mask veils). This veil comes between 3 inches (Venetian veil) to 9 inches in height and pins at 2 sides behind your ears.
This veil also can be worn with or without a fascinator.

You can find the bandeau veil in my shop here: Josephine Bandeau veil

bandeau birdcage veil inspiration
Photo credits: Style Me Pretty

Some quick Tips for styling a Birdcage Veil:

1. Position the comb on your hair where you’d like to wear the veil. Straight or to the side or even further to the back of your head.

2. Start by pushing the comb forward through your hair, toward your face.

3. Then, push the comb towards the back of your head until the comb feels snug and the veil is draped where you’d like it. If the comb does not stay in place, here is an extra step you should do:

  • a.  If your hair is straight (no matter your hair is thick or super thick or thin), you will need to insert a couple of bobby pins across the teeth of the comb in “X” shape to keep it in place.
  • b. Use a bit of hairspray also do a trick.

4. If you want a tighter fit, use bobby pins/hair slides to attach the sides of the veil to your hair. Be careful not to pull too hard on the netting.

5. Now add any other hair decoration

Have a nice day!

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