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We’ve recently been collaborating with a team of Sydney wedding vendors to add a bit of a twist on the traditional Chinese wedding tea ceremony. The resulting shoot has been featured on Wedding Sparrow.
Our featured pieces are the embodiment of serenity and tranquility. The gorgeously flowing silk robe evokes feelings of gentleness and peace. Subtle colors in the rose gold hair comb highlight the intricate petals and pearl arrangement. Simple and elegant, this is a perfect look for any wedding.  

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremonies

Chinese culture has consistently been known for focusing on family, respect, and honor. Chinese tea ceremonies encompass those ideas, while formally acknowledging the joining of the two families. Tea ceremonies have been a staple of Chinese weddings for over 1,000 years!  While the first ceremonies tended to involve one ceremony for the bride’s family and another for the groom’s family, more modern weddings usually have only one tea ceremony arranged for both sides.  

Modern Chinese Wedding tea ceremony for young generation by La Belle the Label

Modern Custom on Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

After vows are exchanged, the young couple will serve tea to their families. Tea is symbolic of stability, fertility, and purity. This translates to the tea being seen as a metaphor for a faithful and pure love, resulting in a union that will produce many healthy children.

In a wedding tea ceremony, the tea is served by the bride and groom in a traditional gaiwan. This is a cup and saucer with a lid, commonly red or with a red design. The couple first serves their parents while bowing or kneeling as a way of showing gratitude and respect. The rest of the families are then served while being properly introduced.  

Traditional tea ceremonies are still an incredibly significant part of Chinese weddings. The most important reason is the honor it shows to the elders in the family. Parents (and often grandparents) are recognized for the love they have shown their children and the sacrifices that were made during their upbringing.  

Asian bride in Sydney wear rose gold bridal hair piece and Acasia silk chiffon robe on her wedding day by La Belle

Overseas Asian bride reads the handwritten love letter from her husband before the chinese tea ceremony. A beautiful wedding tradition to keep

Modern chinese wedding tea ceremony for modern couple living in overseas, by La Belle the Label

Keeping the Tradition Alive

The celebration of family, new love, and unity during the Chinese wedding tea ceremony is one that has yet to be matched in any other culture. It is performed with dignity and precision, a far cry from our typical day-to-day cup of tea. The beautiful tradition of respectfully serving tea as a means of showing appreciation is to be cherished. 

Chinese wedding tea ceremony- a modern take on wedding culture by La Belle


Photography: We Are Origami Photography | Film Lab: Find Lab | Stylist / Planner: Sandra Chau | Floral Designer: Trille Floral | Dress Designer: La Belle | Rentals: Sandra Chau | Silk robe & hair accessories: La Belle | Hair & Makeup Artist: Amy Chan | Calligraphy: Teresa Ling | Table runner: Frou Frou Chic | Ribbons: Songbird Silk




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