We all adore a wedding proposal – atop the Eiffel Tower, at an all-time favourite restaurant, on a tropical beach in the middle of the Bahamas…you name it, we love it! But what about the time of year where everybody’s focus is on hanging decorations and decorating the house with tinsel? Surely, your loved one will be distracted with Turkey, trees and presents?

Think again! Proposing at Christmas is an ever-growing trend. As the nights grow brighter (or darker, depending on which side of the world you live), celebration and the spirit of love ultimately creeps in. Surveys show that Christmas Eve is the most popular time to get down on one knee – even more than Valentine’s Day and a loved one’s birthday!

Why Christmas is the best season for proposal? Some festive and fun facts about winter proposal

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So without further ado, let’s explore all the reasons why Christmas is the best season to sprinkle someone with eternal love. Who knows…maybe your other half will pop the question if they haven’t already done so!

1) Everyone’s Together:

Christmas brings families and friends together for celebration and sharing. The biggest gift you can give at this time of year is the act of the engagement!

2) You Can Be Super Creative:

Valentine’s Day is traditional and beautiful, but proposing at Christmas ups the game in terms of true creativity. Hide a ring in a secret bauble and hang it on the tree! If that’s not your style, how about handing a glass of expensive French bubbly to that special someone with a delicate sphere of gold sitting at the bottom of it? We’ve heard tales of rings secreted inside mince pies and Santa delivering the gift himself whilst everyone’s been sat round the table!

3) Weather is Everything:

For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere who enjoy a warm and balmy December, proposing on a beach or in a tropical rainforest adds a touch of the exotic to the whole affair! Alternatively, if you live north, and enjoy dark nights and falling flakes of snow, you can propose in front of a burning log fire or in a garden strewn with fairy lights.

4) A Ring is the Ultimate Gift

Sure, we all love pairs of socks (jokes), stocking fillers and the like, but receiving a ring from a loved one during the festive season in the ultimate Christmas present! Make it extra special and propose with a sparkler or band passed down through generations. The occasion will be heightened by including all the family!

5) Tradition is King

If you’re the traditional type and like to go by the book so to speak, then Christmas time for a proposal is a most perfect opportunity! Propose after Mass on Christmas Eve to incorporate meaningful religious symbolism. Light candles, propose in a church, the ideas are truly endless.

6) The Countdown is On

One of our all-time favourite engagement ideas is to turn a traditional advent calendar into the surprise of the century! From the 12th to the 2nd day allow your loved one to open every little door and enjoy each piece of candy. On the 1st day of Christmas, when they swing open those cardboard hinges, they’ll find a sparkling ring or band inside and a note saying: “MARRY ME!”

7) A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Throughout history, the mistletoe plant has been a symbol of love and God. Kissing under this hardy shrub is often practiced during the festive season. Why not propose under a lovely branch of it hanging from the door frame? Follow with champagne popping and a toast to your new future together.

Got any Christmas season proposal stories to share with us? The team at La Belle are all ears! Tell us all your amazing tales and drop a few hints about more innovative ideas.





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