Ever wondered what it might be like to ditch your iPhone or Android camera for just one moment? That’s right, breathe – no posting happy snaps to Instagram, typing excited tweets, or writing regular status updates.

With the art of being present all the rage right now, no wonder unplugged weddings are the flavour of the month. Imagine your big day without the distraction of a cell phone. Sounds like bliss right? Or maybe not?

Unplugged weddings offer an opportunity for bride, groom, and congregation to truly connect with the heart and the soul. Without the hassle of text messages, camera filters, social media platforms and incessant ringing, everyone can unwind, converse and relax.

Alongside this, guests with devices can get in the way of your professional photographer and you’ll be devastated when they deliver photos full of people standing around with phones. The team at La Belle have glimpsed many photos on social media where parents of the bride, parents of the groom and other guest’s faces were blocked with either an iPad or iPhone, leaving the photographer unable to capture the most beautiful and candid of moments.

How to word your unplugged wedding?

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But how do a bride and groom who want everyone to enjoy the moment, tell their guests to put the phones and tablets away? Especially when loved ones want to take personal snaps for their own online photo albums?


1) A great way to navigate this is to make mention of your no-phone policy during the invitation stage. That means your guests have plenty of time to come to terms with your big-day media and technology ban and can whinge and then get over it! You can write something quirky and fun in the invite too, so not to make anyone feel sore. Planning well in advance means there are no big day surprises and everyone can simply enjoy themselves.

2) If addressing your request in the wedding invite isn’t really your style, how about setting up fun signs at the wedding venue entrance so your guests know to switch off their device?

3) Another great idea is to hire security (or assign a couple of very good friends or family members to help) for the day who will “check-in” phones and store them safely in a glamorous and secure cloakroom. You can decorate the booth or room to match your venue – this way it looks extra official!

4) Give guests an incentive to unplug on the big day. Make sure your official photographer delivers a selection of easily-accessible online shots so the congregation can download and share.

5) You can also ask the wedding officiant to announce your device free demands at the beginning of the ceremony. No one is going to start an argument before the bride walks down the aisle!

6) Forward little mail-outs after the wedding invites have been accepted and everyone has RSVP’d. A cute “no camera’s please” card with a humorous or flattering message can work wonders on even the most technology-loving family and friends.

7) A too-cute way to send the no-phones message is to have your flower girls or bridesmaids walk down the aisle holding pretty signs. They’ll be sure to grab the attention of the guests before the wedding gets underway.

Do you have any other great ideas to get your wedding guests to stop snapping, texting and posting and focus on the day itself? Post your comments in the box below and contribute to our brainstorm.




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