Wedding Veil and Bridal Hair Accessory Styling Tips

Here at La Belle, we know how hard it can be to decide which big day look you should go with as your wedding day approaches. Brides can easily become overwhelmed when faced with countless bridal magazines and blogs full of all those gorgeous hair pictures.

Whilst wedding imagery is totally inspiring, sometimes it’s too much of a good thing. Will your pair a bridal veil with a tiara, or go for a streamlined look by wearing a simple, pretty headpiece?

Our little guide below is sure to help you narrow down your preferences. Stop looking at Pinterest for a moment and refocus your energy.



Here at La Belle, we spend days meticulously creating the most elegant hair crowns by hand for weddings and formal events — from neo-classical designs to boho-luxe wreaths. Flattering to any face shape or hairstyle, the classic crown is a most versatile accessory for brides. Bring your big day aesthetic to life with one of these regal and ethereal accessories.

Wear encircled around the head like an angel’s halo, pin to the front of your crown like a glamorous tiara, place over a translucent wedding veil, or secure at the back of the head just as they did in ancient Greece or Rome. Guaranteed, you’ll feel like a Goddess.

Gold bridal hair vine styles with low chignon hair style



If you’re seeking something subtler than a crown, tiara or wreath, then La Belle’s gorgeous hair wraps and vines are just the trick! Boasting beautiful botanicals and jewels, each flexible hair adornment has been made entirely by hand and embellished with dainty blossoms, metallic leaves, and sprays of freshwater pearls.

Wind around a relaxed chignon at the nape of the neck or adorn pretty plaits worn loose. Alternatively, secure across the top of the crown like a traditional headband or weave into a classic French braid.

There are so many ways you can show off a hair wrap; it’s now up to you to play around. Princess for the day or wild woodland nymph, your hair stylist will love working with this romantic fairytale accessory.



The wonderful thing about La Belle’s range of divine hair combs is they can be worn in so many ways. Secure into the back of a messy bun, jazz up a French twist, place at the front of a swept back veil, or artfully slide along the side of the head with your glossy tresses tumbling over your shoulders.

Showcasing layers of dimension thanks to carefully placed jewels and flowers, our collection of combs are ideal for all kinds of wedding day hair. Gift to your bridesmaids for a truly spectacular, cohesive aesthetic. Your hairstylist can simply slide or pin into place.



Whilst some contemporary brides ditch the wedding veil altogether and invest instead in one of our exquisite hair adornments, you can really up the bridal game by cleverly combining the two! At La Belle, we simply love a traditional wedding veil married with a glittering hair accessory. Nothing looks more incredible than a spray of botanicals peeping out from underneath a train of lace or sitting atop an elegant flow of silk tulle.

Our handmade wedding veils and hair adornments are heirloom pieces for generations to come. All can be secured with discreet bobby pins, barrettes or combs, depending on the look you want.



La Belle’s array of headpieces is incredibly adaptable. Achieve a number of classic looks in only a matter of minutes! 1930’s glamour, beautiful byzantine style or a relaxed bohemian aesthetic, there’s so many ways you and your hair stylist can play with this accessory.

Often united with a veil, the headpiece adds a special dimension to any bride’s big day look. Imagine the ethereal fabric of your veil flowing gently over it. Alternatively, place the veil atop of the headpiece, as if it were a part of it. Nothing looks more stunning than a little sparkle beneath translucent tulle or delicate French lace.

If wearing as a standalone accessory, secure the headpiece at the back of a loose and luscious halfdo or pin to the side of a wavy bob-cut just like old-school Hollywood royalty Gene Harlow. You’re only limited by your imagination with this timeless, sophisticated accessory. Will you dress it up or dress it down? Choose a veil or no veil?

A mini guide to wear bridal headpiece with a veil

If you’re seeking a high-quality heirloom hair accessory for your big day then peruse the La Belle collection by clicking the links in the menu. We make every piece completely bespoke, so you know you’re receiving something truly unique and original.

If you have any queries about how to style our hair accessories or wedding veils then do get in touch. We’ve got plenty of great tips and tricks to help you look polished, glam and fabulous.

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