My power-words for 2016 were “ACT” and “FOCUS”. It was hard to pick a single word, so I was naughty and chose two. I think this duo pretty much encapsulates my business journey over the past year as I’ve grown and expanded La Belle to the beast it is now!

Working day-to-day in the most beautiful industry, around the most glamorous fabrics and findings, it has sometimes been hard for me to stay focused when there’s inspiration literally dripping from everything! I always said there were a million things I could do or sell but I choose to stay true to designing and crafting bridal accessories. This focus has rewarded me with interest and connections from all over the globe, and for this I am thankful.

I also acted on instinct over the past year, rebranding La Belle and cultivating the business. It’s been a most rewarding 12 months, so I want to thank all my lovely readers and customers for everything.

For quite some time, many moons ago, La Belle looked very different than it does now. Today, I want to explore with you the importance of getting your brand aesthetic just right, whether you’re a successful entrepreneur, a newly seeded startup, or a small boutique owner.

Branding is such a crucial aspect of your business. It communicates to your client base who you are, what you stand for, what you love, the experience someone will have with your product or service, and a ton of other truly important elements.

Before the latest incarnation of La Belle, I felt as if my branding didn’t speak on my behalf. Sure, it was nice, but I knew I hankered for something else. For a little while, I was hesitant to take the leap and when I did, the changes I sought were not met by designers with a similar vision. I hired 6 creatives to redevelop my website and went through several logo transformations!

That all changed when I partnered with two ingenious and talented designers. I guess sometimes you have to make a few missteps along the way to find the right people!

Website designer Blush Creative and brand stylist Fifth Avenue saved the day with their innovative and stunning visual work. My logo, website and merchandise photography went from satisfactory and pleasing to simply sublime!

Using a colour palette featuring the prettiest pastels paired with metallic gold, classic ebony and slate grey, we were able to communicate a sophisticated and feminine look that would truly last the ages.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BRANDING YOUR BUSINESS BEAUTIFULLY, and I have the words for 2017: Rooted and Intentional by La Belle/ La Belle the label

During our collaborations we explored mood boards filled with incredible imagery — think dreamy cushions, beautiful brides, Italian marbling, art deco inspired geometry, clean surfaces, and gold on white patterning. Typographical font was kept simple, allowing my wedding veils and bridal hair adornments to take centre stage and shine, whilst a fresh new website allowed clients to easily navigate the menu, browse products and buy.

These two incredible companies took the La Belle vision and brought them to life. I honestly own them a million glasses of top-shelf pink champagne for getting it right!

On a final note, as we look forward to what 2017 has in store for us, I have chosen two new words for the La Belle journey this year: ROOTED and INTENTIONAL. I want every area of my life and business to be rooted in truth and creativity, and intentional in the way I conduct every aspect of my business.

Have you experienced your own branding mishap, or are you in the process of a major revamp or business launch? Let us in on all your juicy gossip by commenting in the box below. I’m also curious to find out what your power-words are for 2017. Have some fun thinking of them, then drop me a line and tell me…



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